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VS Ferrari L

okay wo chien......
:wo-chien::volcanion::iron hands::indeedee-f::flutter mane::ursaluna-bloodmoon:

VS Yoda W
kommo goat

i stole zee team lol
:sinistcha::ninetales-alola::landorus-therian::moltres-galar::iron hands::heatran:


VS Givrix W

according to my ladder game,i think glimmora kommo is a very strong core.
u can set toxic spikes to help kommo deal with some pokemon like mane and another psychic pokemon.and fire type pokemon can help kommo deal with amooguess.
:glimmora::rillaboom::ogerpon-wellspring::kommo-o::heatran::flutter mane:


VS Ann W

ann is a great player.even if i hadnt play against him before,i played with akaru many time.i think akaru know my teamstyke a lot.and i found i never use palafin after i decide used it.and cb ogerpon is stole from eragon11145
:ogerpon::palafin-hero::chi-yu::landorus-therian::iron hands::cresselia:


Week 1 VS eragon W
this team is changed by vgc goldengo torn is good
:arcanine-hisui::basculegion-f::tornadus::gholdengo::iron hands::ogerpon-wellspring:

Week 2 VS JRL W
Fangame10 snow xqiht edited.a very nice team(*°∀°)=3
:ninetales alola::iron bundle::kommo-o::cresselia::landorus-therian::heatran:

Week 3 VS LoSCO L
mash mash mash
:maushold::rillaboom::ogerpon-hearthflame::kingambit::diancie::flutter mane:

Week 4 VS sempra W
goat chi mane psyspam.i built it because feyy scl psyspam and yoda homefield psyspam is cool and strong.
:indeedee-f::iron hands::landorus-therian::chi-yu::flutter mane::ogerpon-wellspring:

Week 5 VS Akaru W
chi mane agian.thanks eragon11145 suggestion made me decide use chi mane.and this team is based on vgc team too
:kingambit::iron hands::landorus-therian::chi-yu::flutter mane::ogerpon-wellspring:

Semifinal VS sempra W
i stole team which eragon vs tenzai in scl
:glimmora::rillaboom::ogerpon-hearthflame::roaring moon::iron hands::flutter mane:

Final vs eragon L
i improved the team which bage1 gave me.but i didnt play well╮(╯_╰)╭
but is eragoat wining xqoat (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
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It's still day 1 but I figured I would post some teams and thoughts on the meta.

:kyurem-black: :flutter mane: :incineroar: :terapagos: :meloetta: :iron hands:

I'm not 100% sure if this team should even be legal since I don't know if Meloetta is actually obtainable right now. Ironically half the team is potentially DUbers-worthy but Meloetta might be the first to be banned.

Coaching alongside bulky setup Pokemon has been dominating Nat Dex DOU of late and now that Coaching has returned I figured I would try it here. Coaching is a lot more balanced in DOU because all the Coaching users are a lot worse than Zamazenta/Zeraora. Sneasler seems to be the most popular choice right now but it requires a terrain setter, which leaves at least half your team dedicated to Coaching. I instead went with Meloetta because it's the strongest into Flutter Mane and Psyspam.
I went with Fusion Bolt + Dragon Claw for Kyurem-Black's moves because I value the consistency over risking a two hit Icicle Spear and Clear Amulet is necessary to not lose to Incineroar.
I went for max Speed, Max Special Attack on Terapagos because I figured investing in bulk wouldn't go as far considering its Stellar form has extremely high bulk and EVs have diminishing returns for higher stats. So far I'm fairly happy with this.
Iron Hands is probably the best replaceable member of the team. Kingambit could be a nice replacement that plays similarly or you could go with a different bulky attacker. I originally had Trick Room on Meloetta to help Iron Hands but the rest of the team doesn't want Trick Room. Thunder Wave Meloetta is really nice against stuff like Flutter Mane or bulky threats that will eventually get fully paralysed.

:indeedee-f: :deoxys-attack: :sneasler: :kyurem-black: :kingambit: :flutter mane:

Expanding Force Deoxys-Attack has been one of the major threats on the radar so far. I've tried to build a couple of Psyspam teams and I found the strongest was pairing the core with Coaching Sneasler and other broken physical threats. Focus Blast makes Deoxys really frustrating to play with and against. A lot of the counterplay to Deoxys comes down to how many times Focus Blast lands. I have Shadow Ball here to hit Gholdengo but Psycho Boost/Ice Beam are other good options. Expanding Force often fails to pick up OHKOs on moderately bulky targets, so Tera Psychic or Helping Hand are really important if you can't force chip onto your opponent's Pokemon.

Right now I would say that Flutter Mane, Kyurem-Black, Terapagos, Deoxys-Attack and Incineroar are pretty clearly the top 5 Pokemon in the metagame. Flutter Mane has a great matchup into pretty much everything that was added (and most things that were already legal) and gets consistent value in every game. Terapagos and Deoxys-Attack can be a bit more hit and miss. They can both do some pretty crazy things but also need more support and can find themselves in situations where they don't do as much. Terapagos really relies on being able to use Tera Shell to safely set up a Calm Mind. As a result it hates hazards and other forms of chip damage. Kyurem-Black really loves being able to run Clear Amulet and if we had slightly better Coaching users I think it would be the top threat in the metagame.


Banned deucer.
I figure I might as well share the team I made if it might help meta development or other people just looking for teams.

:diancie: :incineroar: :kyurem-black: :rillaboom: :flutter-mane: :kingambit:

Like everyone I just wanted to use kyurem because of dragon dance and clear amulet. I run jolly kyurem because it outspeeds deoxys-attack after a dragon dance. I then just added a bunch of fake out users. Having two good fake out pokemon on a team that can also pivot is super annoying for teams, and rillaboom and incineroar also have the combined utility of semi shutting down psyspam just due to their typing/ability. EDIT: The last pokemon used to be an Iron-Hands but per the suggestion of the lovely ryo yamada2001 I have switched over to Assault Vest Kingambit. This makes the Flutter Mane matchup more manageable, while also adding further insurance vs psyspam. Hope you like the team!
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VGCPL Champion
This is my first time writing up any major team dump/shoutouts so sorry if I mess up somewhere lol

Prior to the tournament being announced, I was dead set on playing for either Europe or US Central since I wanted to be in a team where I could play and learn with the best. When I first got asked to be a part of Team India, I wasn't very interested until last minute when I ended up being a manager with AIRedzone. I guess it's partly because VGC world cup was also at the same time but I suddenly felt like representing India and I'm really glad I made that choice, it's been the best Smogon Pokemon related decision I've made.

Pools Game 1 vs Feyy (W)
:dusclops: :conkeldurr: :landorus-therian: :heatran: :ogerpon-wellspring: :flutter-mane:
My friend Bas in VGC was playing with this team and I wanted to use it somewhere so thought DWCOP would be a good place to try it out, conkeldurr didn't do shit but the rest of the team felt really strong. Can't go wrong with Flutter Mane Lando Waterpon.

Pools Game 2 vs Nephtyrix (W)
:flutter-mane: :landorus-therian: :iron-hands: :ogerpon-wellspring: :chien-pao: :amoonguss:
I stole this team from the best Japanese player right now, Kairo Arii or more commonly known as UB_SLOW. It just seemed like a good stuff team and I kinda just wanted to use some amoonguss balance. Again, can't go wrong with Flutter Mane Iron Hands Lando Waterpon.

Pools Game 3 vs Amaranth (L)
:gholdengo: :tornadus: :regidrago: :brambleghast: :volcanion: :ogerpon:
I saw this team ended up quite high on VGC ladder so I wanted to try it out. The six mons are good but the sets were really troll, the less said about it the better lmao

Quarterfinals vs Entrocefalo (W)
:flutter-mane: :iron-hands: :landorus-therian: :ogerpon-wellspring: :roaring-moon: :heatran:
This six from Edu was very popular in VGC at the time of my game so I once again thought I couldn't go wrong with Flutter Lando Hands Waterpon and that decision payed off. The speed booster roaring moon set put it a ton of work in that game as well as the life orb heatran which I swapped to from shuca right before the set.

Semifinals vs Hugo (W)
:gholdengo: :tornadus: :brambleghast: :regidrago: :arcanine-hisui: :ogerpon-wellspring:
Until now I kinda just decided a team right before my set without testing it at all so I put in a lot of effort from semi-finals onwards. By effort I mean laddering and a lot of it. I decided on using brambleghast pretty early on since Hugo was known to use a lot of hyper offensive stuff. I actually played him like 5 times on ladder too before my set.

Peaked at 1960 elo
Screen Shot 2023-12-17 at 8.00.52 PM.png

FInals vs Ann (L)
:flutter-mane: :landorus-therian: :iron-hands: :kingambit: :amoonguss: :heatran:
I knew I wanted to use some form of amoonguss balance again since I felt like it was really strong in DOU especially. I looked through a bunch of VGC teams and found one with kingambit. LATAM had a high usage of Landorus-T in semifinals so it seemed like a no brainer to use it. I played a ton of games on ladder and it ended up being incredibly good in general. Even with the new DLC release, the team still stays as strong as ever. I would even say kingambit has become tier 1 due to how good it is right now. Main idea with the team is to set stealth rocks and play the game slowly till you get a position of where everything is chipped down enough for kingambit to sweep. I did not manage to win this game however Kunal (shadekirby321) won his game 6-0 using the same team with some minor changes so I was at least happy that all that laddering wasn't for nothing.

Peaked at 2006 elo
Screen Shot 2023-12-17 at 8.01.01 PM.png

Finally, I've won the SPL equivalent in VGC (NPA), I've made finals of every single Smogon VGC team tour I've been a manager of winning 4 out of 5 of them, but this result with Team India is the one I am most proud of. A new team mostly consisting of people who barely play DOU making it to finals while beating the superteams of Italy and Europe?? I'm really so proud of everyone and I'm so happy that we got to show that India is slowly becoming a real force in DOU! Time for shoutouts

AIRedzone sundays Loudwinner First of all, thank you sundays for giving me the opportunity to manage. Without you, Team India in DOU would have never been a thing and I'm very grateful you decided to take that project on. I'm glad you got to show everyone your strength in DOU and I hope you can continue to show that in future DOU team tournaments as well. AIRed you put in by far the most effort helping everyone prep, your help was so valuable to the team and it's really appreciated. Loudwinner you have such insane potential, you're sogood at the game. I'm excited to watch your future games! Although only AIRedzone and I were listed as managers, we all made managerial decisions together and I'm grateful that I got to do it with you guys. We did a pretty good job!

shadekirby321 legend

Nido-Rus god

SHIMA goat

everyone else on the team thank you for your hard work. otsukare

bage1 Bless thanks for all your help, you guys were really the mvps. I also had a lot of fun playing you guys a million times on ladder

See you all in DPL!
:Deoxys-Attack::Kyurem-Black::Flutter Mane::Chi-Yu::Tornadus::Indeedee-F:

deo kyub the 2 newest brokens, def top 2 mons imo.

add chiyu for even more dmg on deo and punishes rilla switchins, flutter easy slot as well. need ind ofc for deo and then torn for tw and sunny day

kyub outrage feels very legit after things r chipped it can ko resists, and surprise factor. ofc can just go spear but this is way more fun

focusblast deo makes dodging the only counterplay and with sash it gets an extra try

eject ind is insane switching into deo

janky snarl wisp chiyu set to deal with tr, rare case where u still want the speed with no spa invest, hw still hits hard in sun
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Tragic Decision
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If you hate yourself and your opponent use this

(paste in sprites)

:xy/deoxys-attack::xy/indeedee-f: :xy/hoopa-unbound: :xy/whimsicott::xy/chi-yu::xy/iron-hands:
+zoe: what's a good name for this team
+Arcticblast: memes
+zoe: besides fuck you
+zoe: oh that works

I decided to make this because I thought I'd be funny to devote as much time as possible into psyspam because I thought a mon as stupid as Deo-A wasn't getting done justice but I ended up just coming up with this and really liking it the second attempt, which was kind of a bummer.

The team is, unsurprisingly, centered around breaking down the opposing team in order to allow either Deo-A or Hoopa-U to smash through it with their sheer power, Chi-Yu allows for chip on Incineroar, scares Rillaboom from switching in, and boosts both Deo-A and Hoopa's Expanding Forces, and is Fish. Iron Hands is the team's sole defensive backbone (more or less) and can give Fake Out support versus levitating mons or out of terrain, while SD lets it continue to be a threat even after Intimidate, which is important considering how crucial damage on Incineroar can be. Whimsicott is better on this team because it has Helping Hand and Helping Hand is broken, also not needing to run Covert Cloak to maintain the Fake Out protection is really helpful. Indeedee-F is by far the worst mon on the team due to how much of a liability it can be on the board due to it pretty much being 2HKOd by everything, making it annoying to use as a redirector, and its pitiful damage on most targets, making it passive, making it, in essence, a Psychic Surge and Helping Hand bot. Preserving Indeedee's health is crucial in some matchups, particuarlly against teams carrying Rillaboom, but letting it take the hit for eject button is sometimes needed regardless.

Due to the defensive backbone being just Iron Hands, momentum is really really important, especially against Trick Room. Don't be afraid to try to claim something with Deo-A turn 1! If its not an immunity or quad resist, there's a solid chance it'll drop with any combination of Helping Hand/Beads/Tera Psychic. Deo-A lives to tell the tale, then that's fantastic, but if it dies that's perfectly fine so long as it opens up a winpath for the rest of the team, namely Hoopa-U (who still hits REALLY hard with its own Expanding Force). If you're trying to let Deo-A clean, go for all the chip you can, like using Drain Punch on Kingambit with Hoopa-U, Overheat on Incineroar, you get the idea, take all the chip you can so long as you aren't throwing in the process. Otherwise the team is straightforward, click the funny buttons and kill stuff.

please ban deo-a this mon is not okay though.​ suicide squad
The main goal is to blow up with explode and then use Last respects and King-gambit.
This team was made with help from many people on the DOU discord.

This is NOT a lead. Instead lead with Metagross and Azelf. After Metagross or Azelf die switch this in.
Priority 1 - Get tailwind
Priority 2 - Memento. Usually Staraptor is out when you need to memento. Memento the pokemon that Staraptor did not target.
Sometimes a dark pokemon will prevent the mementro. In these cases try to use helping hand.
U-turn can also be used, but we warned that King-gambit will lose power if Whimsicott doesn't die.
Whimsicott @ Focus Sash
Ability: Prankster
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spe
Serious Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Tailwind
- Memento
- Helping Hand
- U-turn

The first lead pokemon. Two choices, either explode or earthquake. Usually exploding is better.
Carefull that it doesn't die to Azelf. It can tank one explosion from Azelf but might die from other things.
Metagross @ Choice Band
Ability: Clear Body
Tera Type: Normal
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Body Press
- Bullet Punch

This is the other lead pokemon. Usually use rocks and then explode. If you know your gonna get taunted use explosion. It won't kill metagross.
Azelf @ Focus Sash
Ability: Levitate
Tera Type: Psychic
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Explosion
- U-turn
- Detect

Hopefully there aren't rocks lol. Use Final Gambit on any threat. Use brave bird on ghost types. Quick attack can be used to finish off things that survived explosion. One thing to keep in mind is Final Gambit does damage equal to the users hp, so it would be better to use final gambit on a low hp high defensive pokemon then a high hp low defesive one.
Staraptor @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Tera Type: Normal
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Final Gambit
- Quick Attack
- U-turn
- Brave Bird

Just use Last Respects, the other moves are barely used.
Basculegion-F (F) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Adaptability
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Last Respects
- Liquidation
- Aqua Jet
- Phantom Force

Make sure to terastallize this in front of fighting types. You might want to change it's terastal type. Swords dance if there are no threats. Usually sucker punch is fine, just be carefull of other priority moves, in which case use Kowtow Cleave.
Kingambit @ Black Glasses
Ability: Supreme Overlord
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Sucker Punch
- Kowtow Cleave
- Protect

Threats are just defensive pokemon like Archaludon, Ting-Lu, Wo-Chien and ghost types. Archaludon can die to final gambit and ghost types die to boosted sucker punch's and last respects.
I broke into 1600 with this team. Here is a replay when I was below 1600
Proof of breaking into 1600:


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:ting_lu: :incineroar: :sinistcha: :rillaboom: :ogerpon_wellspring: :kingambit:

This team is built to live a lot of attacks.

:ting_lu: is the main star. Vessel of Ruin + Intimidate is a nasty defensive combination, and Rocky Helmet punishing physical attacks is icing on the cake. If you are burned or an opponent is boosted, you can always rely on Spikes + Whirlwind to free yourself from a corner. Tera Fairy is probably recommended.

:incineroar: does :incineroar: things. Intimidate, Fake Out, Knock Off, Burn, and pivot in and out of the field.

:sinistcha: acts as support. Matcha Gotcha for Burn, Hex for damage output, Life Dew for supporting :ting_lu: & :incineroar:. Strength Sap acts as additional damage reduction support, but feel free to switch it out with Iron Defense or Rage Powder.

:rillaboom: does :rillaboom: things. Grassy Terrain, Fake Out, Grassy Glide, pivot move in and out of the field. Drain Punch is on there for recovery with Grassy Terrain, but feel free to switch it out with Knock Off or High Horsepower.

:ogerpon_wellspring: is the Water in the FWG core. Horn Leech for healing, Ivy Cudgel for damage output, Spiky Shield for chipping your opponent. Taunt is used to shut down opposing stall or setup, but is ultimately another flexible moveslot.

:kingambit: is the win button, as always. Defiant basically shuts down Incineroar shenanigans, Tera Flying to dunk on Fighting moves, Assault Vest for maximum longevity. Tera and ability are flexible for what's annoying you more.
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DWCOP IV - Shoutouts and Teams

This is about two weeks overdue but I wanted to express my gratitude to my wonderful Team India for an amazing DWCOP.

sundays when you first messaged me about putting together a Team India for DWCOP, I thought this would be a dream for next year. I'm so glad you showed me we could do this now and brought us all together. You're an incredible builder and manager and I'm glad you got to showcase your playing skills in the playoffs as well.

tyo your managerial experience really shone through, as did your rock-solid skill at mons. I'm glad we both took a chance and managed this team instead of sticking with our previous teams. A big thank you for introducing me to the Indian VGC community and bringing in the incredible VGCers to our team. I have immense respect for your playing ability and your mindset towards the game.

Loudwinner the rising star of DOU, you beat some of the biggest names with such consistency and were so kind and encouraging all throughout. I appreciate your ability to throw mons into the builder and always come up with a cohesive structure. I can't wait to see what you achieve next!

As tyo mentioned, all four of us effectively shared management duties, and I’d say we did a pretty good job of it. Having additional perspectives on decisions (lineups, subs, teambuilding, and more) steered us in the right direction as a team.

Nido-Rus it was a pleasure to finally be on the same team as you. When we reached out to ask if you were open to playing for India, it was heartwarming to hear your unhesitant yes. It’s easy to see why you’re one of the greatest Doubles players of all time - despite this being a busy time of year for you, you put on a masterclass in every match, even in difficult matchups.

shadekirby321 your commitment and teambuilding expertise were a pillar of this team. From providing a massive chunk of our teams to building the matchup calculator, your contributions were invaluable in our success. See you in Portland!

InkVGC you’re absolutely prodigious at this game. This was a really busy time for you, and I’m glad you could join us - sorry for not checking in with availability earlier. Hope to see you in more DOU stuff!

Opelucid rounding out our VGC core, I really admire your commitment to learning the tier by laddering from day 1. You’re an impressive player and builder, I’m looking forward to meeting you at Portland (and in the Winter Scramble playoffs)!

SHIMA you’re an amazing player and your record shows it - I know it’s reasonable to be down about the finals loss, but I hope you know that your playing ability isn’t tied to one match. Glad to be able to team up with you again, go Cold Crew :)

Dj Breloominati♬ you are genuinely one of the best players in all of Smogon. Your ability to pick up any team in any tier and win with it is beyond impressive, and your encouragement stemming from your years of teamtour experience was really helpful.

Spcplayzz Faaagamer apologies for not finding you more opportunities to play, but thank you for remaining active and helping out with tests and scouts.

Piyush25 the only non-fraud on the entire website. Thank you for your morale boosts each week, and congrats on leading India to repeated teamtour success (plus congrats on winning SCL)!

Bless your support has been a recurring theme in my DOU tour experience and I’m so glad you joined us. Your testing and building insights were invaluable; thank you for your enthusiasm and positive energy!

bage1 there is no DOU shoutout list that can exclude the tier’s best builder. You are the reason we won our semifinal against Europe, and your willingness to share teams and test elevated the entire team. It’s always a pleasure building and playing with you.

Spurrific thank you for providing us with the Europe scout when replays were down, you were the saving grace of that week :)

eragon11145 Feyy Frixel Wille Yoda2798 Paraplegic Jello KeanuGrindingArc thank you all for joining us at various points throughout the tour and helping us reach the heights we could.

I’ve talked about this in our server so I’ll keep it brief here: my performance as a player was absolutely dismal in this tournament, and Team India deserves better. I am incredibly grateful to you all for supporting me through my losses, and I’m working hard on improving my play (especially my late game) to a level befitting this team. I hope my performance as a manager was more helpful to you - the most fun I’ve had is building, testing, and chatting with y’all.

We’ve set the bar for what new teams can achieve in DWCOP, and I have no doubt we have what it takes to win the Cup next year. Jai Hind!


While I didn’t win any of my games, I think the teams we put together were incredibly strong - I was able to get to very solid mid/endgame states but faltered in closing them out. Either way, DLC1 was a fun meta to build and play in, and I’m looking forward to DLC2 turning SV into SS.

Pools vs Keanu
:regidrago: :gholdengo: :tornadus: :rillaboom: :landorus: :volcanion:
Kunal brought to us the VGC squad that several of us ended up using and reusing, each of us with slight variations. Pressure opponents early with either Gholdengo and Volcanion, and preserve speed control for the lategame to clean up with Regidrago.

Pools vs Toxigen
:kommo-o: :chi-yu: :ogerpon-wellspring: :tornadus: :iron-hands: :gholdengo:
Loudwinner and I ended up coming up with the same six mons independent of each other (with slightly different sets). The idea is simple - redirect away from the two brokens, Kommo-o and Gholdengo. If Flutter Mane is removed, Kommo-o wins and if you can’t remove Flutter, remove ground types so Tera Fire Kommo-o can win.

Pools vs Beraldo
:landorus-therian: :iron-hands: :amoonguss: :volcanion: :diancie: :flutter-mane:
This is Nails’s week 1 SCL team. Set TR, kill stuff with Diancie, pass its WP boosts to Flutter when TR’s running out. This is the only game that I’ll say I should have won.

Semis vs SMB
:sinistcha: :iron-hands: :volcanion: :flutter-mane: :landorus-therian: :kingambit:
This team is very strong into the Lando-T tailwind offense prevalent at the time - it’s a Bagel team with Kingambit instead of Ursaluna-BM. Set TR and kill stuff with Kingambit. Unfortunately SMB didn’t bring Intimidate and instead Manaphied me.

Finals vs luisin
:landorus: :tornadus: :gholdengo: :rillaboom: :iron-hands: :amoonguss:
Double Genie was starting to make waves in VGC and looked strong into the DOU meta. Unfortunately by this point some of Team India’s teambuilding tendencies converged enough to the point of exploitability, and luisin’s Safety Goggles Kingambit fared well into my Amoong.

I wanted to provide something of value to people who don’t care about past metas, so here’s a Yobuddy team I recreated and made legal by replacing Kyub with Bax:
:cinderace: :ogerpon-wellspring: :iron-hands: :gholdengo: :sinistcha: :baxcalibur:

Cinder is a funny mon that can reliably get 1-2 coachings off on Bax and disrupt with Taunt. Gholdengo provides an alternate wincon when Bax goes down. Sinistcha is Tier 2 material, it’s just so damn good.

with the new tier changes this team is #certified6-0dbylando-i but i wanted to drop it in the bazaar before i started making changes bc i enjoyed it a lot

Iron Hands Sprite by RetroNC on DeviantArt

Tunevert (Iron Hands) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Quark Drive
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Fake Out
- Close Combat
- Wild Charge
- Ice Punch

just a regular iron hands nothing special. the spdef invest could become hp instead


No Bap (Incineroar) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Intimidate
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 236 HP / 16 Atk / 100 Def / 156 SpD
Careful Nature
- Flare Blitz
- Fake Out
- Will-O-Wisp
- Parting Shot

Incineroar is a fire (and a spare ice switch in) switch in since half the team is weak to fire. parting shot should b smth different because it doesn't enable anything (in my eyes atleast and im not that great so if im wrong lmk pls)


Super Ski (Metagross) @ Choice Band
Ability: Clear Body
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Heavy Slam
- Psychic Fangs
- Stone Edge
- Knock Off

a choice band metagross. very innovative

Rillaboom - #812 - Pokédex

Gemini Love (Rillaboom) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Grassy Surge
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 HP / 76 Atk / 52 Def / 128 SpD
Impish Nature
- Fake Out
- Grassy Glide
- U-turn
- Wood Hammer

couldnt get no damn sprite for this mf. standard av rilla being extremely swag when it comes to finishing weak foes and taking away the terrain from bum ass indeedee allowing fake out, glide, and jet punch to go brazy on the opponent


2021 Vibes (Ninetales-Alola) @ Light Clay
Ability: Snow Warning
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Ice
EVs: 228 HP / 168 SpD / 112 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Aurora Veil
- Dazzling Gleam
- Protect
- Blizzard

the mon that makes the team the team by setting up veil and clicking blizzard to get a possible freeze. if youve seen me use the team yk i kinda just let it sit and spam blizzard after it gets veil to threaten freeze and on the occasion the other team is using a decent weather team this thing WILL put up tony snell numbers. also freeze dry could go over dazzling gleam 100% i was js trying to throw smth together when i originally made this

Palafin Hero Forme

Mubu (Palafin-Hero) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Zero to Hero
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Jet Punch
- Drain Punch
- Wave Crash
- Flip Turn

finally av palafin because the sheer fatness of this team was not enough for me. ngl the spdef invest can go into speed instead i was just kinda greedy with the bulk
But yea this is the team that i brought to every room tour in existence (our record will not be stated to the public:tymp:)

also the namesake is the first 6 tracks from sex money drugs by Lucki

sir jelloton

DPL Champion
Saw people were interested in some of the teams I was using during my Kickoffs run, so here's a report on the ones I built myself!

Coaching BaxHail
:sneasler: :ninetales-Alola: :primarina: :rillaboom: :incineroar: :Baxcalibur:

This team used to be KB over Bax, then I added bax and it got even better. Glaive rush is a ridiculous move that is just far too difficult to play around. Being able to guaranteed OHKO incineroar and most willo users just after 1 boost makes most usual counterplay Simply not possible and a headache for my opponents to gameplan around. The real star of the show is primarina though. It's typing Is simply just far too good and it's so easy to get turns to set up. Normal bad match ups for snow are just easier match ups for prim to set up with fake out and coaching support. It seems like no matter what my opponent is always thinking harder than me and it's great! Give it a whirl.

I don't have time for an explanation for the other teams perhaps I'll edit it later, but here they are!

Double Ghost Chi-Yu offense
Lando-I Chi-Yu offense

I Made these for my pal entrocefalo to use during Invites, but these versions unfortunately never came. The top 1 has altered sets in prep for fangame, I recommend speed booster flutter for consistency.

Double Grass Gholdengo Balance

If you couldn't tell double grass ghold teams have been my most used and favorite teams for a while and I've had some pretty good success thus far

Gambit + Coaching Mew

Inspired by the old mew + palafin balance team by eragon that had tons of success during early osdt. Tera grass is my new favorite gambit tera as ground resist seems more important than ever and the significant decrease of offensive fires due to incineroar make it far less easy to punish.

Fespy Sand

Recreate of fespy Sand from last gen. it's unfortunate as even with clam high horse power from drill does not OHKO incineroar, which is a very big blow to the playstyle imo. If drill was just a liiiiiitle bit stronger the team would do much better. Cloak Keldeo put it's in work though

Hope you guys enjoy!!! Shootouts to Eragon and Bagel for dealing with my constant pestering for test and even supplying 1 or 2 teams.
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VGCPL Champion
Hit 2000 rating once again on ladder, this time during DLT so I wanted to share what I used!

:deoxys-attack: :indeedee-f: :hatterene: :ursaluna: :lilligant-hisui: :torkoal:

Pretty much just spammed this from 1750 onwards during cycle 2 with win rate of 73-14. Like many others have said, stealing from VGC is a really good way to achieve success in DOU. I wanted a team which I could lead the same thing while playing multiple games to make my laddering easier so I took the best performing trick room team at the recent Portland regionals and just replaced Urshifu with Deoxys and Gallade for Lilligant-Hisui. The plan is really simple with this team: Lead Deoxys and Indeedee. Get an attack off with Deoxys and set up trick room. Use your trick room turns well and get as much damage off as possible with Hatterene, Torkoal, and Ursaluna. Key point is to try and keep Torkoal at full health or at least preserve sun turns since once TR ends, you'd want to spam after you eruption. Another option is also to use after you on hatterene to get trick room up instantly. There are other ways to play the team of course but this is the easiest if you just want to click buttons mindlessly.

:ting-lu: :orthworm: :dragonite: :flutter-mane: :gyarados: :chien-pao:

I mainly just used this since I wanted to see if I could qualify using orthworm since last DLT I used a near identical team to qualify. Also just before DLT started, I hit rank 1 on VGC ladder with this exact six so wanted to see if it could work in DOU as well. I played this from 1000 and I peaked at 1875 with this during cycle 1 but then fell down to the 1600s. The plan is pretty simple with this team too: Lead Ting-Lu Orthworm and earthquake shed tail into dragonite to set up. If a matchup looks hard, you can also always win with thunder wave. I think this team has potential since Ting-Lu Orthworm is really good against a lot of the common stuff on ladder currently but I didn't feel like figuring out how to improve it. Funnily enough, this team hard counters the psyspam team above so at least there's some merit to using it if psyspam becomes more popular on ladder.

Rating Proof
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this is a team for low ladder grinding

you gotta think with this one tho
First thing you check is psycic resists and speed control
if no psycic resists you just win with deo A and indeede / crown
crown is there so you don‘t loose to flutter i tried booster speed valiant for better dark matchup but it sucked because you can‘t check flutter. tachion cutter does massive dmg to chien killing through sash and it also kills deo a in 1 hit also just hits fairy in general. But now we get to the goat of this team scarf Klevor actually kinda fast and hits unreasonably hard 80% to cress oh ko on rilla oh ko with rocks on lando t (actually decent defencive typing) and huuge dmg on incin even after intim
-1 252+ Atk Sharpness Kleavor Stone Axe vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Incineroar: 260-308 (65.9 - 78.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
this allowes you to chip it quite effectiveley lado can then kill yea lando is really strong too just remember it floats so you gotta watch out it won‘t be immune to that ice shard comming to kill it


DOU Master of Snow-based Trick Room teams
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I am going to post my current 2024 edition here for folks who want to ladder with it during DLT

:kyurem: :ninetales-alola: :landorus: :ursaluna: :incineroar: :sinistcha:


like tyo here, I also managed to hit 2k elo with it on my DLT alt, my highest ever!
(though I've already qualified in Cycle 1)


general usage tips:

  • Sometimes you'll have to be aggressive with Ninetales-a instead of trying to get up Aurora Veil, especially if a Tornadus with taunt or sunny day comes around, don't be afraid to give a blizzard every now and then, even outside of snow.​
  • Ursaluna has tera fire to make Sun Trick Room matchups easier, but it will negate the flame orb if you tera early (I'd use a toxic orb but that'd just kill ursa in several turns more often than not). Feel free to swap for tera water if you don't want to deal with this.
  • Kyurem/Ninetales + Landorus-I Blizzard + Sandsear Storm Spam is unresisted by most of the meta and can wipe a team, just remember that a lot of scary threats such as flutter mane will outspeed Landorus in particular and often try to KO it (with moves like icy wind in regards to flutter mane)​
  • Sinistcha can keep Kyurem and Ursaluna and most of the team in general alive for many turns to come, especially under veil. Be careful not to sack it too early otherwise you will be worn down.​
  • Tera fire/water will often be your friend vs Sun​
  • Try not to sack Incineroar early, or you may lose to strong physical attackers later in the game.​

Also yes my Ninetales-A set is just copy pasted from my gen 8 team :)
have fun!
meant to do this after bagel kicked my teeth in during invis but got lazy, here's my invitationals teamdump. I had a VGC tournament the week before invis started so I spent all my time grinding that instead of dou, and by the time I got over my travel burnout I had about 48 hours to build for entrocefalo in round 1.

:flutter mane: :glimmora: :entei: :chien-pao: :landorus-therian: :ogerpon-wellspring:

This team was inspired by my friend Wacka's Portland regionals team (that got turned into a sample team). The idea of the team was to lead Ogerpon + Glimmora and steamroll opponents with a +1 Glimmora with support from a bunch of fast and powerful attackers. The team feels like a slightly different take on klifo structures with relatively the same playstyle. Glimmora put in work during the game and it was pretty clutch in my limited testing too.

:flutter mane: :amoonguss: :incineroar: :kingambit: :landorus: :ogerpon-wellspring:

Everyone and their mother used this team for round 1 of invis, like genuinely I'm pretty sure it was close to 50% of the top 16. Anyway, qsns assured me that this structure (that was similar to the one I used to top 8 the first major Regulation F limitless tournament) would be fine. I dropped Latias because it is a bad Pokemon and replaced it with Amoonguss like qsns had and then went for SD Kingambit to take advantage of my double redirection. I lost to entro's Chi-Yu Flutter team due to a poor opening and trying to matrix call a Substitute on their Landorus that probably didn't exist, but the team still felt good and should be fine in current meta.

:flutter mane: :rillaboom: :volcanion: :archaludon: :landorus: :thundurus:

I had been discussing Thundurus + Archaludon with Animus and decided I was going to turn this into a DOU team, mostly because I thought it was a cracked idea for VGC and I wanted to test it in a high stakes setting away from the eyes of the VGC community. I think it is probably inferior to Tornadus + Archaludon, but there is something to be said about Eerie Impulse and Twave + Hex Flutter Mane. Don't ask me why Rilla is Flying tera, you probably wanna change that if you steal this team.

:tyranitar: :excadrill: :iron moth: :corviknight: :mew: :ogerpon-wellspring:

Man. This team was easily my favorite team I built for this tour but Fede executed perfect control against me to choke me out in our game without me getting to show off a ton of what made this team great. I thought it was especially cool into aggro teams because of how well TTar/Exca/Waterpon could shut them down while Corviknight matched up well into the klifo build Fede ran twice in round 1. I think this team is really strong though, it has 3 setup options that you have to respect on top of coaching tailwind mew being able to enable so much. Nicknames are songs from Crosses.

:flutter mane: :gholdengo: :incineroar: :tornadus: :landorus: :ogerpon-wellspring:

The nicknames are inspired by the mantra I kept telling myself at San Antonio regionals, "I am the dragon", after skillfully clicking Dragon Energy into my opponents with no Flutter Manes. Anyway, it's a Nasty Plot Gholdengo team with the evil twist of being Fighting Tera Blast, which I didn't get to bring to the game, but I figured beat up Klifo pretty hard with the support from my other offensive pieces. I'm genuinely really not the biggest fan of Icy Wind Flutter Mane, I think the opportunity cost of running a more offensive Flutter is generally pretty huge, but it does great on these setup + ogerpon-wellspring type structures if you're confident that you can run the game with about 3-4 offensive pieces. I ran Scary Face on Tornadus so that I could beat Tailwind Landoi/Flutter, which was relevant in the game, but also so I could side scary face myself in Trick Room, which I'm pretty sure I pulled off in a test.

:smeargle: :blaziken: :chien-pao: :farigiraf: :diancie: :ogerpon-wellspring:

This team is a bit of craziness, to say the least. Smeargle was a Pokemon that granted me a lot of success in VGC 2016 and 2019 and now that it's finally back I wanted to try to make it work. This team went through a lot of revisions. The first draft had LO Pao with CB Tera Normal Deoxys-A, Coil Hypno Milotic, and I think Tsareena. The team kept performing well in tests but I noticed every time I would just lead Smeargle and Blaziken, so the drafts just started to progressively lean into that. You have a lot of options between Fake Out + SD, Spore + SD, Follow Me + SD, or Protect + Decorate, and the opponent has to respect the pressure from both Pokemon. I felt like if all else failed and I rolled a bad matchup for Blaziken, I could try to Decorate Diancie and support it with Farigiraf.

Bonus: Here's the version I brought VS bagel in semis, it's the same concept but I tried to add more consistent Pokemon. I teched Tera Dark Smeargle for Prankster torn but bagel brought non-Prankster Taunt so I kind of just got rolled, deserved for trying to rely on this strat twice though imo.

:flutter mane: :glimmora: :entei: :tornadus: :kyurem: :ogerpon:

I thought I found a cool niche for special tailwind offense, using kyurem to freeze dry and put pressure on Ogerpon. I had chi yu on this team up until about 5 minutes before the match and then queued into psyspam and got beat so bad I felt my ego die a thousand deaths, so if you pick this team up I would consider making that change. After JRL beat Zom in SCL finals I remember bagel lamenting about how Icy Wind Special Attacker Flutter wasn't really a set and that made me think I could abuse it here, but it fell pretty flat in this specific matchup. I still think the team is pretty cool though.

:flutter mane: :amoonguss: :entei: :chien-pao: :ting-lu: :raging bolt:

This was the third team I built for bagel, which I ended up allowing qsns to use vs Akaru since I didn't get to use it. I feel like Ting-Lu is decently strong at the moment and rocks felt pretty underused in the metagame, so I wanted to do something like this where you could open up with Rocks, Sand Tomb, and Sacred Fire, then rushing down the opponent with Flutter Mane and Chien Pao, using all the priority options to stay afloat vs Tailwind.

I have been wanting to make a teamdump all year, but the metas had already cycled out by the time OSDT and SCL finished for me so it was kind of pointless. I would say 2023 was a good year for me, getting to manage in 2/3 community teamtours, making top 4 in ribbon and OSDT, and stumbling my way into an SCL win, though its up to you to consider how much I'm truly responsible for that last part. Huge congrats to bagel for taking home the ribbon, I think myself and qsns were pretty deserving to be on the podium but you were even more deserving to take home the gold.

I won't be playing much SV in 2024 most likely, my goals are more focused on establishing myself as the most successful player in XY, DPP, and ADV, but I will at least try to take OSDT seriously since I'll be on a VGC hiatus, so see yall soon

Edit: huge thanks to bagel, qsns, nido, and xrn for being the people I played the most tests with in SV over the past 8 months or so. All of you are way more skilled than me and it is a pleasure to learn from all of our games.


formerly bage1
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Invis Teamdump!

Top 16 vs Nido




KLIFOOOOOOOOO! I was sliiiightly obsessed with this structure coming into the new meta and I still think it is quite good. I view Nido as someone who can pull up with just about anything so decided to focus on bringing teams that I felt comfortable with. This ended up almost backfiring as Nido brought some solid teams into the archetype but I got bailed by luck game 3 and we never got to play out the game. The teams are clearly very similar with each having their own spin on the archetype. The first 2 I think are still usable but the Gholdengo team is just bad, Ghold just exasperates a lot of the teams bad matchups along with being in not the best spot this meta.

Top 8 vs Feyy


This is basically a pre-dlc2 team with Whimsicott over Tornadus and Meteor Beam Glimmora. I've sung Glimmora's praises basically all of SV but it really is an awesome pokemon espeically with the addition of Meat Beam. Big fan of this team, just classic Chi-Yu + Flutter offense with big stat-sticks.


(Now a sample) I had been experimenting with this archetype evere since I actually understood what Archaludon was and ended up passing the 6 to Farfromani for their set vs Yoda where we further polished it. Porygon2 + Archaludon is a great duo and Waterpon + double Fake Out gives them lots of room to operate. P2 can be super customizable between between its coverage options and Tera Type. I've been defaulting to Tera Fairy Tera Blast + Ice Beam to OHKO Landorus-I but I believe Farfromani used Shadow Ball + Tera Blast Fairy, which is fun because with enough SpA invest P2 can 2HKO 252 HP Flutter Mane with either a SpA or Atk boost from Download. Small note but I think Rillaboom can be replaced with Amoonguss and it might be better because the team would really appreciate a Fairy Resist.

Top 4 vs zee



I was super paranoid of facing something like the Smeargle + Blaziken team zee had brought previously (and ended up bringing something similar) so I built both of these teams with those style of comps in mind. I thought Psyspam + Volcanion looked strong into zee's more standard brings as well so wanted to fill out that idea as I thought Psyspam could overwhelm setup stuff as well. The Ogerpon slot was really hard to pin down, I tried Gapdos, Kingambit, Iron Hands, and other Ogerpon forms but when talking with Queen of Bean about one of her teams for [some pl I can't remember sorry] she inspired me to try out base Ogerpon and I really liked the fit as a Defiant user that can scare Kingambit but also leverage its speed to threaten Flutter Mane with Tera.

The second team is another epic Farfromani x Bagel collab. I don't remember what their original idea was but it had a Suicune and I was like "no Suicune probably sucks" but then we talked some more and I was somehow convinced. Eventually it became a Deo-S priospam team with a little bit of a control mode with Cune + Amoon. Roar Suicune + Taunt Deo-S I thought was enough to deal with the setupspam stuff zee could bring (and it was). I would hesitate to bring this style into someone prone to using evil cheap mons like Registeel because you need to be really timely with Roars and ideally preserve Deo for Taunt.

Finals vs qsns


After last week I was like yo this psyspam stuff is kinda fire Deo-A is goated time to refine that idea. So naturally I stole the 6 from a Victory Road tour and changed a mon and a Tera-type. I thought I was a genius for changing Tera-Water to Tera Ground but apparently that was already a thing. Either way it came in clutch and I got to Tera Blast Ground a Heatran turn 1 which felt good.


qsns and I had played approcimately 10000 post dlc2 games up to this point and I felt I had a consistent amount of success with Archaludon against them so I wanted to bring a team with it. Additionally I thought it looked solid into qsns's scout and I felt very comfortable playing the Leftovers 3 Attack set. This team is a sorta-combination of Eli Knowlton's and z0mOG's (it has a Band Arcanine) Portland Regional teams. Baxcalibur + the Arc(h)s is a super fun offensive core and I really like this team. I was really scared of the Registeel + Cress combo on preview and my main focus was to keep up offensive pressure and not let the pair get any free turns. I ended up kinda underestimating Archaludon this game as it basically soloed once it got into position.

gonna shoutout qsns and Farfromani again because they deserve it
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Hydreigons are out and I'm finished with all my DPL games so it's time for a team dump. I managed to go 5-2 this year, which is my best DPL result ever, so I'm fairly content with the season, even if we ended up falling short.

My general approach to preparation this season was to neglect scouting almost entirely and just build the best team I can into the current metagame. With the constant metagame changes in modern generations due to DLC, Home and rapid bans/unbans that accompany them I feel like scouting for specific opponents in a teamtour is often an exercise in futility, especially considering some opponents would have next to no public games in the current meta. This is a bit of a shame since in my early tournament career I really liked to scout and prepare for games extensively. At least oldgens don't have this problem, although losing many of the replays from recent years has also hurt preparation for those generations too.

Week 1 vs SHIMA (W)
:deoxys-speed: :kingambit: :flutter mane: :raging bolt: :ogerpon wellspring: :incineroar:

I won't go into as much depth for Flutter meta teams since they aren't usable anymore. The idea here is that Flutter deals heaps of damage that is nigh unavoidable thanks to its STAB combination and Kingambit starts picking up Sucker Punch KOs very easily once things are chipped. I then added Deoxys-S for hazards to pile up the chip damage and rounded out the team with some bulkier glue mons.

Week 2 vs Waffle2020 (W)
:rillaboom: :chien-pao: :entei: :flutter mane: :ogerpon wellspring: :glimmora:

Psyspam had started picking up this week so I knew I wanted to bring Rillaboom to avoid losing to it. SMB had used Choice Band Rillaboom against me in kickoffs and it cost me the set when he scored a surprise KO with it so I wanted to try it on a priority spam team. Assault Vest Entei was amazing in my practice games and was pretty solid in the actual match.

Week 3 vs EternalSnowman (L)
:archaludon: :flutter mane: :rillaboom: :tornadus: :landorus: :heatran:

This was going to be the week that I brought Deoxys-A but ironically I got Deo'd instead. This was the last week with Flutter Mane legal and Deoxys hype was reaching its high point. I figured Deoxys counterplay would be much easier to use post Flutter Mane so I wanted to get a game with Deoxys before people started hyping it up too much. I then play 3 test games with someone from APAC (I think it was Zeal but I don't remember) where they used a team with Rillaboom, Ting Lu and Incineroar and my Deoxys team took 1-2 KOs across all 3 games combined. This made me feel that the Deoxys ship had sailed and people were willing to commit hard to not losing to it in the teambuilder so I basically swore off using it for the entire tournament.

In the actual match I ended up losing to Deoxys. I still feel like my Deoxys counterplay was solid and that I just didn't play this well enough. I distinctly remember calcing if Landorus-I could survive a Psycho Boost, realising that it couldn't and then still lead it anyway. I don't really know why I didn't send in Archaludon over Landorus-I and just Snarl turn 1 but it ended up costing me.

Week 4 vs Jello (W)
:mew: :iron hands: :kingambit: :landorus: :ogerpon wellspring: :incineroar:

Mew had been something I wanted to use as soon as Flutter Mane was banned. Psychic was all of a sudden a decent defensive typing as it resisted Deoxys' common moves. A common theme for this week and the weeks going forward was trying to bring Psyspam checks that would do well against other Psyspam checks. With Spdef Mew, Chopple Berry Kingambit and Incineroar I felt very comfortable with my Psyspam matchup. I decided to go Iron Head on Kingambit because I figured dark usage would rise significantly and I didn't want to run into something like Roaring Moon or Ting Lu with only dark attacking moves. Iron Hands was another Pokemon that was freed up after the Flutter Mane ban and had an excellent matchup into almost all dark types.

I didn't expect to end up playing sun and I was pretty worried on preview since my Sleep Power checks were mostly Tera Grass on Incineroar and Iron Hands. I was pretty much resigned to losing after I missed Sandsear Storm on turn 2 and I knew I needed to go for a risky play to call out the Lilligant-H switch in. It ended up working out and I was right back in the game. The combination of Iron Hands and Mew really shone throughout the rest of the game, tanking so many hits and holding off the remainder of Jello's team.

Week 5 vs Loudwinner (L)
:diancie: :rillaboom: :volcanion: :gholdengo: :landorus: :roaring moon:

I wasn't really too happy with most of my ideas this week. I've found the current meta to be quite restrictive in the builder at times, even beyond Psyspam stuff. While I wasn't really caring what my opponent's had been bringing I knew I needed to care about what I had been bringing or they would just scout me. I was committing to bringing Rillaboom + Dark/Steel each week and speed control felt extremely limited. I also didn't want people to start bringing Amoonguss against me after being concerned about Lilligant's Sleep Power last week. I ended up going with the Diancie/Rillaboom/Volcanion core from SS and adding Gholdengo as a Spore immunity. I wanted a fast mode as well but I couldn't reasonably run Tornadus as I felt the team would be too passive with it, so I tried Roaring Moon since it would also give me a really solid Psyspam matchup.

As for the actual game I got caught off guard by U-Turn Tornadus and Taunt Ogerpon early and struggled to turn it around afterward. Chien-Pao landed a couple of crits that helped seal the deal, although they may not have mattered/been rolls if the Chien-Pao was Adamant.

Week 6 vs Genesis77 (W)
:archaludon: :iron hands: :rillaboom: :landorus: :ogerpon wellspring: :mew:

I haven't talked about our team's situation so far but we had been up 3-2 against Cold Crew before I lost and we ended up losing the week 3-5, which was really disappointing. We knew we had the bottom 2 teams left to play in the last 2 weeks and were definitely still in the playoffs race, even if our record on paper was a little shaky. I was feeling the pressure a bit this week considering we needed to win and ideally win with a big differential.

Unfortunately my troubles with building worsened this week and I wasn't satisfied with anything I had built. I eventually figured that I would just make a list of everything that I considered broken, or at least very dangerous at the teambuilder, and make a matchup chart for them all and bring whatever I decided had the best matchup spread. My list (in no particular order) was as follows: Deoxys/Psyspam, Archaludon, Iron Hands, Aurora Veil/Snow, Dragons (Bax, Bolt, GFire, etc.), Priospam, Kingambit, Landorus-I and Tornadus offence. I eventually decided that I wanted to Bring Archaludon and Iron Hands and then load up on Landorus-I checks. The main issue was trying to fit Rain on the team since I felt Iron Defense + Body Press Archauldon would be a bit redundant with Swords Dance Iron Hands. I ended up putting it on Ogerpon, but it always felt awkward using it.

I was glad that I managed to pull off a Rain Dance in the actual game. I would have been in a pretty rough spot if Genesis had KO'd Ogerpon with Gouging Fire that turn. Once I pulled off the Rain Dance I was pretty confidant that I could pull out the win since Archauldon had a great matchup into a mostly physical team.

Week 7 vs Grandmas Cookin (W)
:hydreigon: :serperior: :landorus: :haxorus: :latias: :squirtle:

Honestly I generally don't like it when players throw a match in these tours by running something stupid. There are a lot of people who don't get the opportunity to play so I feel like I should respect them by at least doing my best, even if I do end up running a more gimmicky team. However I decided to run this dumb team because I plan for this to be my last tournament. I'm not necessarily 100% committing to retiring but at this point in time I don't expect to join another tournament. I started growing tired of the game around 2022 and I hoped that my issues were just with SS rather than the game itself. Once SV dropped I realised fairly quickly that the issue wasn't SS but that I had lost passion for Pokemon in general. I didn't play too much in 2023 but over the summer I felt a surge of motivation to play again but that didn't last long so I decided that I would try and make a special team for one last game.

I ended up building a Dachsbun team to play on the baker theme of my main PS account and 2 different versions of a Simple Beam Latios team since I figured that they were pokemon that represented me in some way (my favourite team ever is a Simple Beam Genesect SM team) that were still somewhat viable. I also built the team I ended up using, with the mascots of the 6 DPL teams I've been drafted for. NinjaSnapple suggested I go with the mascots team for my last game so I ended up using that. The rest of the team aside Tera Steel Calm Mind Latias is actually a pretty good tech since it walls Landorus-I after Tera and resists Deoxys' and Ogerpon's common moves before Tera.

The actual match was as messy as you would expect from a team running 5 ice weaks and a Squirtle. There were a bunch of crits, paras and misses and weird plays since Gma didn't know what to expect and I didn't know what to do. I'm really glad I managed to pull off the win somehow. It was a great way to end off my tournament career.

Thanks to all the managers that drafted me over the years and the teammates that played with me. My record in team tours was usually pretty ordinary so I'm sorry I couldn't perform better. Thanks to the hosts and everyone keeping the community running.
Belly Drum Snorlax Trick Room

Version one


Version two


Hello all, huge fan of vgc/double battles here. I'm here today to show a team I recently cooked up, one heavily inspired by Wolfey VGC's Snorlax team, but with some variations of my own. I really like the use of Snorlax with Sinistcha and Clefairy; however, I believe Wolfey's team was much too support focused, and relied too much on set up. For this reason, I added Gholdengo and Chien-Pao/Ogerpon Hearthflame for some more consistent offense, and replaced Lando-T with Incineroar, which I believe to be the best intimidate user for this team, as he pretty much has everything that any other intimidate user has + more. Keep in mind that you may want to read the whole thing, as it gives you a better understanding of the team and possible changes you could make.

The gameplan

This team is mainly focused around setting up Snorlax and getting up trick room, then keeping your Snorlax alive while he sweeps with lots of heals and buffs to his survivability. I would usually lead Snorlax + Incineroar, as fakeout combined with Snorlax's bulk makes getting a belly drum free 99% of the time. Alternatively, you could also parting shot and switch into Sinistcha for an easy trick room. Of course, this lead isn't always effective, so I would look at my opponent's team and play accordingly. After setting up belly drum and trick room, the name of the game is keeping Snorlax alive, something this team is very good at. I would suggest a lot of switch outs between your 3 support pokemon, as snorlax can pretty much OHKO anything it attacks, and this also allows you to constantly heal Snorlax with Pharmacist and lower the attacking stats of opposing pokemon with intimidate and parting shot. I would almost never switch into one of my other offensive pokemon, as the healing, bulk, and redirection the supporters give Snorlax is invaluable, and he already does enough damage on his own.

: As you may have gathered, Snorlax is the core of this team, and usually your most important pokemon. It's both an immovable object and an unstoppable force, its high defenses + support ensuring it never dies while its +6 boost from belly drum allows it to pretty much delete anything (besides something like tera ghost Cresselia, who pretty much completley walls it).I gave it the attacking moves of facade and high horse power. Facade is there for stab and so Snorlax doesn't get shut down by burn. Alternatively, you could go body slam for the higher base power and paralyze, but since he one shots everything anyways, I don't see the need for that. High horsepower is simply there as a strong single target coverage move. You could replace it with crunch or rock slide, but high horse power is great for dealing with the steel and rock types that resist normal. Protect is a must, ias it's basically your only way of insuring Snorlax survives until trick room is active. Without protect, your snorlax can simply get targeted and die before it does anything. Finally, I picked tera ghost because it gives Snorlax fake out and fighting type immunities, although using tera on Snorlax isn't something you'll commonly do anyways.

: Sinistcha is your trick room setter and an amazing support with Snorlax. Simply, it's a very bulky pokemon whose bulk is even further boosted by strength sap and potential Matcha Gotcha burns. This makes Trick room almost guaranteed, and allows it to spam rage powder safely. Also a very good pair with Incineroar, as constantly switching between the two gives your team insane bulk, as I mentioned before. Sinistcha is given tera fire to remove its weaknesses and create resistances.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Choose one or the other--------------------------------------------------------------------

: Chien-Pao is here simply as a consistent sweeper outside of trick room, usually used to clean up when trick room is down. Its speed and focus sash basically guarantees at least one attack, which when combined with its pretty solid coverage and ability will hit like a truck. Add swords dance onto this, and it hits like a freight train. Combined with Clefable, it deals insane damage with helping hand and also gets redirection support to stay on the field longer. Crunch could be swapped for sucker punch to still be able to outspeed against an opposing tailwind or trickroom, although I figured crunch is better as it is slightly more powerful, has a chance to drop defense, and doesn't require mind games. I gave it tera ghost to give it immunities to fake out and to fighting. Pretty standard set overall


:The alternative to Chien-Pao, also serving as a consistent sweeper outside of trick room. I only recently got back into competitve pokemon, so I am not familiar with the dlc mons, which is why I never thought of using it on this team. I was testing out Ogerpon Hearthflame on an experimental electric terrain motor drive Electivire team (Btw please don't try that, it's shit; not even worth your time. That's not gonna stop me from trying to make it good, but for your sanity don't be like me) and I was impressed with their performance. Paired with Clefairy or Sinistcha , this thing is a MONSTER. The redirection allows it to get off a swords dance and also keeps it alive as it plows through anything in its way. Wood hammer is just for massive damage; with all the healing and bulk from the support pokemon the recoil isn't a huge issue (Although if you want it to have more bulk, switching wood hammer for horn leech isn't a horrible idea). It's not as fast as Chien pao, but when it gets set up, it's neigh unstoppable.

: Incineroar is your fake out, debuff, and pivot support. As I stated before, intimidate + fake out gives Snorlax a free belly drum, and parting shot into Sinistcha gives you a free trick room. I also gave him knock off and Will-O-Wisp to remove items and make the team even bulkier with burn support. With proper pivoting, it becomes nearly impossible to break through this team due to this stupid overpowered cat and his endless army of debuffs. Safety goggles is there simply to stop redirection/sleep, allowing him to debuff without hinderance. I gave him tera ghost as well to ignore possible fake outs or fighting type moves, although you're probably not going to be using tera on him too much.

:The most unassuming pokemon on this team, yet extremely vital nonetheless. Like every other support pokemon in this comp, Clefairy is here simply to make your pokemon unkillable with friend guard, heal pulse, and follow me. Helping hand is there for your other two offensive pokemon, or for when Snorlax's attack is dropped. I also gave Clefairy Tera fire to remove weaknesses to steel and rock.

:Finally, we have Gholdengo, your secondary trick room sweeper.I gave him max hp and sp. attack with a minus speed nature to ensure he outspeeds as many pokemon as possible while trick room is up, with his hp and sp. attack allowing him to both stay alive and deal insane damage. Make it rain, shadow ball, and Dazzling gleam allow for excellent coverage, as well as allowing for either multi target or single target. You can switch out nasty plot for another coverage move like thunderbolt or psychic, but I prefer nasty plot because his bulk and the supporting pokemon make it easy to set up a nasty plot then sweep in trick room. I also gave it tera steel to boost make it rain while still keeping a solid defensive typing. You could also change the tera to ghost or fairy.

Well, that's basically it. This is the first team I've ever posted, and the first real team I've made for gen 9 doubles (I made one before but it was very gimmicky. It was fun so who knows, I may bring it back but even stronger.) I hope you all enjoy it and it brings about many wins! Peace out!
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I continue getting requests for this team's paste well over a month since it's debut in my DPL games so here it is, the broken espathra team

:espathra: - :archaludon: - :landorus: - :incineroar: - :rillaboom: - :politoed:

Geared around making Archaludon as broken as possible: This team has won multiple tour games since it's debut in week 5 of dpl and will continue to haunt me as its creator every time it destroys me in BLT qualifiers and beyond!

Espathra can baton pass speed and calm mind boosts with relative ease to Landorus or Archaludon depending on the game (or just sweeping with stored power), and incin/rilla with eject button politoed ensures that positioning is never an issue. If you ever need something incredibly stupid to run that can win games off of weighted coinflips and easy gameplans: this is the team for you.

Some small notes that I've been asked about a few times:
Archaludon tera: I wanted a ground resist that wouldn't levitate over the grassy terrain. Bug and fairy also work.
Bulky landorus: I found it easier when testing to run it with decent bulk invest so it wouldn't die if I ever decided to baton pass boosts to it. Standard max special is also fine though and some others have opted to run it that way.
Politoed over Pelipper: Encore is broken :) Plep has tailwind but In testing I found that it really wanted a disruption tool, so I opted to use bulky politoed and icy wind spam and fake out pivoting can usually get the job done in a pinch
Incin/rilla sets: Idk I like terrain number rilla and the incin is optimized slider magic that somehow always ends up living one extra hit for no reason
Random 4 speed evs on Espathra: Gets over adamant pao speed tier at +1, enables baton passing out to arch without saccing hp, allowing for another setup run.

If you pick up the team enjoy playing like an insane person!

Other Used DPL Teams:
Double Banned Slowking psyspam lmao
Bad screens team that originally had tailwind on it and I'm still made at myself for dropping it from golt after how the game went

Definitely feel like I could've done a bit better overall but I'm also really happy I found my stride with the espathra team and generally how I played the first 3 weeks of DPL
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Glaceon Hail Team
:ninetales alola: :glaceon: :incineroar: :ogerpon wellspring: :farigiraf: :ursaluna bloodmoon:
This team is basically the Reg F VGC Team of the same name, except I had to switch around a few mons due to Urshifu and Flutter Mane being banned.
This team is centered around choice specs glaceon, who is by far the strongest snow cloak user in pokemon, though there is a secondary trick room mode of the team. The team was inspired by articuno's success in VGC, but trades a bit of bulk for much more power. It can do insane damage and is extremely bulky, just like articuno. Although it doesn't have sheer cold, it has blizzard, freeze dry and ice beam like articuno. The last move is icy wind, you most of the time will be clicking blizzard but they have niche options.
Ninetales-Alola is of course the hail setter and icy rock means that glaceon can continue to deal more damage for longer with more consistency, I found in testing this is necessary. It can also spread freezes just like glaceon.
Incineroar, do I even need to explain? Bulky mon that can pivot and deal lots of damage. Next.
Waterpon is the redirector of the team, and can deal great damage into the opponent. It just hits hard and takes hits.
Farigiraf is the speed control of the team and can also be a good sweeper. With throat spray, it can deal good damage after a hyper voice. Trick room makes teammates more threatening.
Ursaluna Bloodmoon is the secondary wincon of the team and can be a devestating sweeper. Throat spray means that after one hyper voice it will output insane amounts of damage. Yawn was chosen because bloodmoon can brute force through resists, ghold takes 65% from tera normal blood moon and assault vest kingambit is 3hit ko'd, and gives an option of phasing and threatening out mons. It can make bloodmoon even more threatening if even resists can't come in safely.
Replays: Old version of the team, but it shows how devestating glaceon can be. Trick room mode of the team is shown off. It shows how bloodmoon can be devestating and even without hail, glaceon hits like a truck.
Edit: The Ev's on bloodmoon are wrong. They should be max sp.attack, not defense. Didn't realise that.
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